What kinds of litter is worst for the environment?



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    The worst types of litter include anything that can not be easily broken down by the environment. Some of the worst items of litter include plastic bags, golf balls, bottle wrapping, polystyrene chip wrapping, tin cans, gum, plastic bottles and cigarettes.

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    thru research & conversation, i have discovered that 2 of the worst items a person can throw on the ground are:  styrofoam  &  batteries.  

    styrofoam will NEVER break down, so where you toss it, there it will lay- forever.  til the end of time.  it may whittle itself down, & the weather may change its original appearance, but it will stubbornly maintain itself. 

    batteries are like our planet’s little bottles of XXpoisonXX.  over time, they will begin to slowly leak their acid into the soil, securing a “dead zone” area for plant life & sickness or death for the insects & animals that curiously decide to taste-test the shiny little ‘creature’.

    please always make sure that (especially) these two items are bagged & properly disposed of or safely recycled (larger cities)- & the next time you’re driving down the road, waiting at the bus stop, or out walking the dog, make an extra effort to grab up these tragic pieces of waste.  

    make a little difference*

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