What kinds of life can live through an ice age?



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    It depends on how cold the ice age gets. Many scientists believe an ice age killed the dinosaurs, but most also believe that another, less intense ice age occurred in the 1600s. Regardless, the most susceptible species to an ice age would be cold-blooded animals.

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    Pretty much no one suspects that ice ages killed the dinosaurs. Climate effects related to a bolide impact could have been a factor, but there were no real ice ages at that time.

    Apparently most kinds of life survive ice ages, since most that were here before the recent glacial period began 2 million years ago are still around, including humans or their direct ancestors. How and why the glacial-period faunas, such as mammoths, died out, is the subject of some debate, with ideas including the climate chage related to the END of glaciation as well as human killing of the faunas.

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