What kinds of jobs can you get with an ecology degree?



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    There are quite a few job opportunities if you are armed with an ecology degree. These include environmental engineer positions, various research positions, teaching positions, and environmental specialist positions. Various non-profits may also be looking for individuals with ecology degrees for conservation and environmental restoration processes.

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    There are all kinds of jobs you can get with an ecology degree. There are positions in the federal Departments of Interior or Agriculture, including in agencies like the Forest Service, Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, or US Fish and Wildlife Service. There are also many positions in Non-Government Organizations such as the Wilderness Society or Nature Conservancy, or other similar organizations.

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    There are also a host of consulting positions that are available now with companies that offer services to help other companies decrease the negative impact they have on the environment.

    Also, if you continue on through grad school, you can become a professor or do research.

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    You could also work for state fish and wildlife agencies. Although, competition for positions is quite intense and you should plan on going on and getting a master’s degree if you want to get a job. Your Master’s work should be more focused than your basic ecology and should be specifically wildlife ecology, fish ecology, fisheries or wildlife management, etc depending on what your ultimate career goal is.

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