what kinds of jobs can I get where I protect natural resources?



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    Take your pick! Like all jobs, it depends on your education and experience. Browsing the website http://www.ecojobs.com in their “natural resources and conservation jobs” category, as of the date I’m answering this question, you could build hiking and forest management trails in Durango, Colorado. You could study sagebrush-dominated range response in Laramie, Wyoming. You could coordinate educational programs on the effects of invasive aquatic species in Madison, Wisconsin. You could be a game preserve manager in Reno, Nevada. The Maine Audobon Society is hiring three seasonal biologists to monitor endangered birds. Beyond jobs that are specific to education or background, many environmental activist groups such as Greenpeace hire canvassers, phone-bank operators or other entry-level positions to get their positions known and their organization visible. Anything involving environment, sustainability or conservation is a growth industry these days, even in tough economic times.

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