What kinds of jobs are created by Cleantech?



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    Here’s their job openings:

    Though they are a clean technology company, they also need the same jobs any other compnay needs like sales executives and account managers.

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    Cleantech specializes in selling businesses clean technology solutions that focus more on biology and biomimicry. While they would obviously have science and engineering positions of those who develop the technology, they are a business like any other and have research interns, administrative assistants, account managers, sales execs, etc. For more info see http://www.cleantech.com/category/jobs/

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    Because you capitalized the word “Cleantech,” I’m not sure if you are referring to the company, Cleantech Group LLC, or if you are referring to the industry known as cleantech (in which case, the word would not be capitalized).  Anyway, Cleantech Group LLC is a company whose purpose is set on providing a diverse range of products intended to (according to their website): provide superior performance at lower costs, greatly reduce the adverse environmental impact, and improving the responsible and productive use of natural resources.  The cleantech industry on the other hand, are clean jobs focused on the manufacturing, development, and distribution of green technologies.  These types of jobs could very well become some of the highest paying jobs in the near future – this could be a huge boost to the American economy if these types are developed and encouraged here in this country – but more importantly, they could collectively help reduce our impact on the environment.

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