What kinds of irrigation does a vertical farm use?



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    Vertical farming attempts to grow in the most efficient way possible. Vertical farms use irrigation systems called hydroponics. A hydroponics system entails the plants being grown in mineral nutrients water solutions instead of in soil. This leads to clean absorption and no soil waste.

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    Do you mean a real functioning vertical farming system like Valcent’s VertiCrop, or are you interested in the dream sci-fi ideas of http://www.verticalfarm.com ?

    If you are interested in the real answer to this question then check out VertiCrop here:

    “Tapping High-Tech Solutions to Manage Water” – Valcent participates at the NASA LAUNCH Water Forum: http://bit.ly/cE71bl

    Reuters Video features Valcent’s VertiCrop vertical farming system: http://bit.ly/a9p47W

    Irrigation in VertiCrop is via drip and misting systems… The specs on the irrigation system are found here: New pdf presentation of Valcent’s VertiCrop vertical farming solution – locally grown crops that are healthier for you: http://bit.ly/cqBglv

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