What kinds of gases make up venus?



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    The most common gas in Venus’ atmosphere is carbon dioxide, then nitrogen and clouds of sulfur dioxide that rain sulfuric acid.

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    Venus’ atmosphere consists of mostly carbon dioxide and clouds of sulfuric acid. These heat-retaining clouds have caused the planet to become the hottest in the solar system, reaching temperatures of about 870 degrees Fahrenheit. The atmospheric pressure is also about 90 times heavier than Earth’s; it is because of this that any probes sent to the planet in the past have only lasted a few hours before being totally decimated. Though the planet is similar to Earth in many ways, its atmosphere could never support Earth life.

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    Venus’ atmopshere is made of approximately 96% carbon dioxide, with nitrogen and thick clouds of sulfur dioxide that rain sulfiric acid droplets making up the rest of the atmosphere.  The greenhouse effect of the heavy, harsh gases making up the atmosphere cause Venus to reach extremely high average temperatures of up to 460 degrees Celsius.

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