What kinds of gases do glaciers give off?



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    Unless there are gasses somehow trapped in the ice, the only gas that glaciers would expel would be oxygen and water vapor.

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    Gases are definitely trapped in the ice of glaciers. Some of these include carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide. Scientists extract cores of ice from glaciers just to see the concentration of greenhouse gases at the time of ice formation. They use this information to validate how the climate has changed over time. Gases trapped in the glaciers are just another reason why melting ice is some problematic–it can release greenhouse gases. The gases become trapped because as snow gathers, it has air filling around the crystals of the snowflakes, and as the snow compacts and becomes ice, the air remains. The melting permafrost in the Arctic has notably released large quantities of methane, which have increased by a third over the past few years.

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