What kinds of forces keep us on earth?



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    Gravity is the force that keeps us on earth.  It is a property of mass and space.  The two widely accpeted theories of how gravity works are those of Newton and Einstein.  Newton’s Theory of Universal Gravitations states that gravity is a force which acts on all particles in the Universe.  Every single particle of matter is attracted to all others, and the force is proportional, and can be calculated with a mathematical equation.  Since we happen to be close to earth, we gravitate towards earth.

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    Gravity is the force that keeps us on earth, but electromagnetic and nuclear forces are what hold smaller things, like the atoms that make up our bodies, together.

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    Gravity is the force that holds us to the earth’s surface.  Our perspective on earth makes it seem as though gravity pulls us “down” towards the earth, but the earth’s gravitational pull on us is simply a matter of mass and proportion.  Newton’s theory of universal gravitations says that every particle and bit of mass is attracted to all others, with objects of greater mass exerting greater gravitational pull proportional to their mass.  So, while it seems as though gravity pulls us down to the earth, it would be more accurate to say that the force of gravity holds us together from both ways.  We also exert gravitational pull on the earth, but since the earth is so much larger than we are, it feels as though gravity is just pulling us to the earth’s surface because the gravitational pull from the earth is greater than the gravitational pull from our bodies.

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