what kinds of foods can you eat for a gluten free diet?



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    There are many options for a gluten free diet.  Many include using rice flour in stead of wheat flour.  Click here from some great recipies: 

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    There are all kinds of things you can eat on a gluten free diet (I am gluten free myself!). Lets start with what you CAN’T eat: wheat, oats, rye, barley and spelt. This rules out all conventional pasta and bread.

    But there are lots of things you CAN eat, as well as lots of gluten free products that now exisit. Gluten free diets can have all rice products, this means white or brown rice, rice noodles, rice bread, rice crakers, rice flour etc. Corn is also ok, so corn chips, corn tortillas and more (no corn bread! that has regular flour mixed in). There are a lot of other grains that are ok too like quinoa, polenta, and buckwheat.

    Gluten free people can also eat all fruits, all vegitables all meat, cheese and eggs.

    There are lots of gluten free products now that are just like their gluten filled counterparts. A few examples include: pizza, pasta, cookies, cupcakes, bread, chips, crackers, brownies, cupcakes (i had one today!) and much much more. I buy a gluten free all purpose flour mix and simply use that in foods that call for regular flour. 

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    You can eat anything that doesn’t contain wheat gluten.  However, a lot of people who are on a gluten free diet have to avoid certain foods because the risk of contamination is so high.  For example, many people who are on gluten free diets don’t eat oatmeal because gluten can be found in the mixture sometimes.  Some alcoholic beverages that would otherwise be gluten-free are also avoided because gluten is used in the barrels that the liquor is kept in.

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    Gluten is a common ingredient in many foods, but there are still a lot of foods that can be eaten and enjoyed on a gluten-free diet! Some grains and starches that are allowed are corn, quinoa, rice, soy, potato, beans, and tapioca. That means that foods used with a flour derived from one of the ingredients above are acceptable, and are often used to create substitute foods for commonly missed items. For example, corn tortillas are a great alternative to flour tortillas. You can also eat meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, and white and brown rice. For alcohol, wine, distilled liquors, potato vodka, ciders, and spirits are all gluten-free. With enough persistence and dedication you will find that despite your initial frustrations, there are plenty of great foods you can enjoy on a gluten-free diet!

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