what kinds of food help you recover from a workout?



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    In general, most people do not need anything more than water to replenish the lost liquids during a workout.  If you had a particularly long or strenuous workout, you could incorporate electrolytes (salts) like those in gatorade/powerade to restore the salts lost due to sweating. 

    In terms of food, bananas have a lot of potassium which helps with muscle soreness, and foods high in protein can benefit the body when doing a lot of muscle building exercises.  In general, Americans get enough calories from their daily diet such that they would not have to worry about replacing what is burned in a 1h workout.

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    It really depends on the intensity of the workout as well. I’m currently training for a marathon, and it’s recommend to eat properly right after a long run, and even during runs that are more than a few miles. Oranges, nuts, and vegetables are good foods to snack on. After the run it’s important to take in high-carb foods throughout the day.

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    I have read that a combination of carbs and protein (4:1) within thirty minutes of completing a workout is good for the replenishing of insulin and muscle glycogen, as well as amino acids, which repair torn muscle tissue. The carbs are for sugar, the protein for muscle repair and hydration.

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    I always make a smoothie with coconut water (for dehydration), strawberries (antioxidants), and bananas (potassium helps fight lactic acid which cause muscle soreness) after a hard workout. It is very refreshing and keeps my legs from cramping. 

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