What kinds of food does a giraffe eat?



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    Giraffes are pretty picky eaters, and feeding takes up about 75% of a giraffe’s day! Mostly, though, they eat the shoots and leaves of Acacia trees. They can eat thorny plants, most shrubs and leaves too. In the wild, they’ve even been known to eat the nests of weaver birds! They are exclusively plant-eaters, though, and never eat meat.

    They can adjust their diet to their location, and the season as well. If it’s been very rainy, they will eat vines, shrubs, and leaves. However, if it’s been very dry, they’ll feed mostly on the evergreen plants nearby.

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    A giraffe is an herbivore, which means it is a vegetarian. It eats mostly leaves, favoring the acacia tree. Because of their height, they are able to reach leaves at the tops of trees, where no other animals can get to. Their 18-20in tongues help grab their food. Giraffes eat all day long. They regurgitate their food like cows, and chew the cud. They can go through about 75lbs of leaves a day. 


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