What kinds of fish will be most affected by the oil spill?



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    All kinds of sea creatures have been affected or will be affected by the oil spill, but the ones that are most likely to leave a long term effect on the Gulf are not the photogenic birds, dolphins, and turtles, but the plankton and small fish that the food web of theGulf depends on. oil accumulates in their bodies, killing both them and any predators that eat them. The oil spill also might disorient or sicken deeper water fish, which has been already seen in the alarmingly large amount of lsharks spotted closer to the shore than normal.

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    It is difficult to determine which species will be the most impacted because it is still too early to tell. The oil is undoubtedly affecting small creatures like sardines and plankton, however, bigger fish eat these small bait fish and at the same time they are ingesting chemicals and accumulating them in their bodies. This is known as bio-accumulation, which refers to the negative impacts off accumulating a large amount of toxins over time. I think it is too early to determine how this will affect various species in the Gulf. 

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