What kinds of fish should I buy to eat?



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    The Monterey Bay Aquarium produces a Seafood Watch list. It has a list of “Best Choice” “Good Alternatives” and “Avoid” fish species based on the health of the fishery and the environmental impact of the fishing method. There are a ton of good choices but to list a few

    -US or British Colombia caught Albacore
    -Farmed Muscles
    -Farmed Oysters
    -Wild Caught Pactic Sardines
    -Oregon Wild Caught Pink Shrim
    -Farmed Rainbow trought
    -Alaskan Wild Caught Salmon
    -Farmed Arctic Char
    -Farmed Bay Scallops
    -Farned US Crayfish
    -Wild Caught US Pacific Coast Dungeness Crab
    -US Atlantic Wild Caught Longfin Squid
    -Alaskan Longline Caught Pacfic Cod.

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