What kinds of errors were made in the 2007 report on climate change?



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         The 3,000 page report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change contained several errors. Climate skeptics consider them evidence that the IPCC deliberately made up data to make it look like global warming is happening. 

         The best known error was the untrue statement that Himalayan glaciers would be mostly gone by 2035 or earlier. The statement was openly challenged by several researchers during the review and editing process, but made it into the report anyway. 

         There was a problem with the citation procedure in a section about drought and fire threats in the Amazon, but the data was correct. 

         There are also data that climate skeptics falsely cite as errors. They claim that rising temperatures in Eastern China were the result or “the urban heat island effect”, not global warming. 

         The errors in the 2007 report are just that, errors. They are not part of a secret worldwide plot by scientists to fake global warming. The scientific consensus on global warming remains stronger than ever. 

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