What kinds of environmental issues does Mexico have?



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    In the Central Highlands of Mexico, increasingly scarce cropland is a prominent environmental problem. Factors such as deforestation, overgrazing, and the steepness of this region can result in erosion of the soil and further lead to loss of species. The degradation of agricultural land multiplies the issue of land scarcity, lending to various social issues including rebellions.

    Environmental activists are working to conserve the Lacandon Rainforest, located in the Eastern Lowlands and bordering Guatemala. Deforestation, for the purposes of wood exports and pastureland to raise cattle, is a major problem here. The building of roads and development of energy projects causes fragmentation of this tropical environment. Conservation is important due to many endangered species living within this ecosystem.

    Southern Mexico is characterized by natural resources like forests, farming land, and fossil fuels, typically developed and extracted by the Mexican government. Further development, coupled with increasing population size, can exacerbate problems of land scarcity.

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