What kinds of emissions do nuclear power plants give off?



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    Nuclear power plants do not emit any pollutants into the atmosphere – and this has led some people to call nuclear power a “green” source of energy. But the fact is that nuclear plants still produce pollution; rather than emissions released into the atmosphere, they are responsible for creating radioactive waste. These waste products can take literally thousands of years to break down, and remain dangerous all during that time. We still have not figured a way to store or dispose of this waste safely. Nuclear plants are also problematic because of the security risks they pose. If the US builds a new fleet of nuclear plants, other countries are going to want to follow suit to meet their own energy needs. This will result in a spread of nuclear technology that could give unstable regimes and terrorist organizations access to the technology to make nuclear weapons. So although nuclear plants do not produce any atmospheric emissions, there are still many serious problems connected with their use.

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