What kinds of emissions come from nuclear power?



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    The emissions from nuclear power is debatable. There are zero carbon emissions from the actual power production process, the only outputs are heat and nuclear active waste. This has allowed nuclear power to enjoy the title of green energy source over the last few years. But when the whole life-cycle of nuclear power is taken into consideration, there is carbon released by the construction and deconstruction of the plant, and all the mining for uranium and then storage of waste carries a carbon footprint. The reality is that there is no truly carbon free energy source.

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    Although nuclear power contributes very little carbon emissions, a hazardous byproduct of nuclear energy is nuclear waste.  This is what is leftover from the fission process and has radioactive characteristics, which take many years to decay.  There are some concerns within the public due to the growing number of nuclear waste sites and no specific strategies to counteract the growth.  

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