What kinds of effect does climate change have on agriculture?



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    Several factors directly connect climate change and agricultural productivity:

    • Average temperature increase – this can lengthen the growing season, limits production, increase soil evaporation rates, increase the chances of droughts
    • Change in rainfall amount and patterns – can affect soil erosion rates and soil moisture
    • Rising atmospheric concentrations of CO2 – this may not be a bad thing as CO2 acts as a fertilizer and enhance the growth of some crops but increased CO2 levels lead to changes in precipitation and temperature
    • Pollution levels such as tropospheric ozone – limits growth of crops
    • Change in climatic variability and extreme events
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    One drastic effect of climate change is the increase in desertification of agricultural areas, such as in sub saharan Africa.  Desertification is caused by the rise in temperature and reduction in rainfall leading to less natural foliage developing, which causes more and more nutrient rich topsoil to erode. This erosion leads to formation of a desert like environment in which the traditional flora can no longer survive.

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