What kinds of dogs have the smallest eco footprint?



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    Dogs really don’t have a small eco footprint compared to cats and house rabblts.  This question has been addressed before, so here is the link along with another link that may help out.

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    I would say that smallest dogs have the smallest carbon footprints. They eat less and have smaller poops. So in this regard I would say either the Chihuahua or a Shitzu.

    But looking at your question in another light, I would say that the kinds of dogs which produce the smallest carbon footprint would be those whose owners prepare home-cooked meals for them. This will cut out the heavy amounts of processing which dog food must undergo, and will probably make your pet healthier in the process.

    You should not change your dog’s diet over night. A gradual change will be necessary to ensure that your dog will not become sick. I’ve included a couple of links below if you wish to read more about home-cooked dog food. 


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