what kinds of diseases are caused by exposure to mercury?



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    According to the US EPA, the health effects of mercury exposure primarily involve the nervous system.  For fetuses, infants or small children, mercury exposure can impair development of the nervous system.  For older individuals, effects can include impaired vision, lack of coordination and other problems.  Here is a link to EPA’s information on the health effects of mercury. 

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    Overexposure to mercury has many negative health effects on humans. There have been known effects such as tremors, impaired cognitive skills, and sleep disturbance in workers with chronic exposure to mercury vapor. Chest pain, dyspnea, cough, hemoptysis and evidence of intestinal pneumonitis are also negative side effects to overexposure to mercury. Minamata disease was also a problem especially during the the early 50s when Chisso Corporation dumped mercury compounds into Minamata Bay, Japan. It is estimated that over 3,000 people suffered various deformities, severe mercury poisoning symptoms or death became known as Minamata disease. 

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