What kinds of cutting boards are the best to prevent cross contamination?



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    Well, any kind, as long as you have a separate cutting board for each type of food you are preparing. If you are preparing chicken, mark a specific cutting board for chicken. Red meat can also get its own. Same for vegetables. If you want a truly sterilizable surface, you can get a poreless silicone cutting board, but you’ll avoid cross-contamination  by just using different cutting boards for different tasks.

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    I would say plastic as opposed to wood.  Wood is more porous than plastic, which means that it’ll absorb more over time.  However, if you’re clean enough, nothing should cross contaminate.

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    Because wood is a porous material, I would go with plastic or some other laminated material.  You can also avoid cross contamination by washing the board well after each use or distinguishing different boards for different food groups.  

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