What kinds of crops other than rice do we use terrace farming for?



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    stanton, terrace farming can be implemented on just about any small to mid-sized crop on sloped land. Hope I helped, and have a green day!

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    Terrace farming is farming on any incline where there flattened growing areas that have been created. The Incas are well known for this method of farming and the terrace style farming set up can still be seen at Machu Picchu. True like you said, terrace farming is popular in Southeast Asia for growing rice. Terraces are used in farming all over the world, for many different crops. One example is in California, some wine vineyards use terraces to grow their grapes on hillsides.

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    I would add that even large crops, such as fruit and nut trees, can be cultivated using terraces, if the landscape requires it for proper water and soil retention.

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