What kinds of chemicals does paint from graffiti leak?



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    The paint from ‘graffiti’ is applied using Spray Paint.  The only difference between liquid paint and spray paint is that spray paint is dispensed using aerosol cans, which we know produce toxic compounds that exist in our environment for hundreds of years and are one of the main contributors to the holes in the ozone layer.

    Other than the aerosol can, spray paint is exactly the same paint you use to paint your kitchen and bedrooms.  The chemicals found in paints vary, but can include: lead, titanium dioxide, acrylics, polyurethane, polyester, epoxies, oils, aromatics, ketones, alcohols, and many more.

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    Propellants, adhesives, and solvents are all basic components of spray paint that can be toxic depending on quantity and use with complementary chemical elements. These elements vary from brand to brand of spray paint, and thus no one patch of graffiti leaks the same chemicals as another.

    In general, any paints that have lead, polyester-derived epoxies, and certain kinds of toxic aromatic propellants are bound to be more toxic than others.

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