What kinds of chemicals do the water purifiers like brita get out of your water?



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    There are actually too many potential chemicals and impurities in tap water to pick out one or two. Here is a pretty comprehensive list of what can be present.

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    Brita faucet filtration systems are certified to reduce Lead, Cryptosporidium and Giardia, TTHM’s and VOC. 

    Brita pitcher systems are certified to reduce Copper, Mercury and Cadmium

    Brita refrigerator filters are certified to reduce Particulate (Class I)

    Zero Water water filters are certified to reduce: lead, chromium, mercury, hydrogen sulfide, iron, zinc and aluminum.

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    Revere osmosis and distillation filters remove the fluoride that has been added to tap water to strengthen teeth. The carbon filtration systems like Brita and Pur water filter systems do not.

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