What kinds of cells are most important to nature?



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    Well, there would be no nature without the first cells (prokaryotes — ‘pro’ for before — basic single celled structures lacking a central nucleus), which later evolved into more complex cells (called eukaryotes). Over time, cells, amazingly, began to develop more complex organelles all on their own without even consciously thinking about it or knowing what was happening (it must have been Divine Guidance, or pure luck). Then we get to animal cells, which are differentiated and suited to do many different tasks (an eye cell is very different from a skin cell). But since nerve cells allow us to sense and experience the world around us (and think and behold this thing we call “nature” which is really just everything, including us)… I am going to say those are the most important… but I could just as easily accept that all cells are equally important — for indeed we all share a common heritage. 

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