What kinds of canned tuna is best for the environment?



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    There are various dolphin safe labels used for canned tuna to show that the fish has been caught without harming or killing dolphins. However, because there are various labels used, there are also various different restrictions imposed on the capture of tuna in order for it to deserve the related dolphin safe label, some labels imposing stricter requirements than others. In a report released by Greenpeace in 2008, it is noted that the dolphin safe labels may make consumers believe that canned tuna with a dolphin safe label is also environmentally friendly in general, while these labels only cover the by-catch of dolphins and not that of other species, the sustainability of the hunt itself nor the environmental impact of it.

    Rio Mare tuna is the European leader in canned tuna is fished in an environmentally friendly manner and in full respect of the International Dolphin Conservation Programme and their products are certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 standards.

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