What kinds of bees are the best pollinators?



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    Honey bees are the best pollinators for most plants whose flowers bloom in the colors in the bees’ visual range — blue, yellow, green, and ultraviolet.  In other plants, such as Alfalfa, other bees are better because honey bees do not like the tripping mechanism on the alfalfa flower, which hits the bee as it works.  For plants like this, the Alkali bee or the Alfalfa leafcutting bee are better pollinators.

    Honey bees are the best pollinators because their colonies can be moved to areas where plants need pollination, their colonies are composed of large populations of foragers, and they usually only work with one type of flower per trip — avoiding mixing pollen types.

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    Among the honeybees, the workers are the best pollinators because they scout for nectars and pollen which collect in their numbers. Others depend on already made food.

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