What kinds of pollution are on the Waikato river?



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    There a several different types of pollution in the Waikato river, coming from different sources:
    Agricultural pollution is leached into the ground water, and contained in the runoff. This includes fertilizers and effluents.
    The Wairakei Geothermal Power Station is the major cause of greatly exceeded arsenic levels in the river.
    Treated human wastes are pumped in downriver of several towns including Hamilton.
    Waste from unlined landfills also leaks in, as has been reported to be happening at the waste dump of Horotiu.

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      I know Auckland’s tap water contains about 40% Waikato River water. And they supposedly filter out about 28 substances from it before it is put into supply. I wonder if that includes arsenic, and stuff like atrazine, birth control hormones, lead etc. which are no doubt in the water. Thanks for your post btw, great information.

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