What kinds of animals are best suited for the desert?



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    Deserts tend to be inhabited by more small animals than large ones, though there are notable exceptions (camels and Gila monsters, for instance). Desert animals need ways to rid themselves of heat, such as the fennec fox’s proportionally big ears, and to conserve water (or not need much in the first place).

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    Animals that live in the desert do not always access have ready access to water, so they have adapted to figure out ways to live with less water.  Part of this is learning to keep cool; just as humans sweat to cool down, desert animals pant to cool down.  Animals like the kangaroo rat or gopher are smart enough to stay out of the sun during the hottest parts of the day by burrowing underground where the sand is much cooler.  Most desert animals get their water sources from their food.  Additionally, some animals such as the Apache pocket mouse or bleached earless lizard have adapted to their surroundings by resembling the sand around them which protects them from predators.

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