What kinds of ants eat wood?



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    Ants don’t actually eat wood. Carpenter ants tunnel through wood but don’t actually consume it.

    Termites eat wood though.

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    I found Carpenter ants to be rather interesting, so going off of what djstam mentioned, the Carpenter ants actually build their nests inside of wood. The queen digs into the wood where she lays and nourishes her eggs. As one can imagine, these types of ants would be very bad to have in your home, with damage that could be similar to that of termites. 

    These ants actually enjoy eating sugary foods, and place the wood that they dig outside of their nests. Also, damp wood is their preferance of choice for building a nest. 

    *Note* Make sure you scroll down on the URL I provided, since the description for this ant is the third article. 

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