What kinds of animals have done extremely well in captive breading programs?



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    Approximately, 19% of all mammals have been sucessfully bred in captive breeding programs. Examples of animals that have done well include: the bald eagle, the golden lion Tamarin monkey, Andean condors, and red wolves.

    Red Wolf

    Additionally, some species, such as Arabian Oryx and Pere David’s Deer, which are currently extinct in the wild, are actually thriving in zoos! Although many critics believe capative breeding to be costly and argue that genetic diversity of the species may not be regenerated, capative breeding may be the only thing keeping specific species from extinction.

    Pere David’s Deer

    Peer David's Deer

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    A few examples of species saved through successful captive breeding programs include:


    Wolves in Yellowstone and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

    Peregrine Falcon

    Golden Lion Tamarins in Brazil

    Whooping Cranes

    Bald Eagles

    Andean Condors

    Red Wolves

    Island Foxes on the northern Channel Islands and Santa Catalina Island

    Arabian Oryx in the Middle East

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