What kinds of animals are effected by the installation of solar energy?



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    Good question, HarperBryant.  I think the most basic answer is whatever animals happen to live in the ecosystem the solar panels would be installed in, since solar panels can be installed anywhere.  Large scale projects tend to be more popular in the southwest, because of the vast expanses of unused land.  But, that land is used by many rare species of plants and wildlife.  Some of the animals that have been highlighted are a particular protected tortoise, the Western burrowing owl, and bighorn sheep. 

    Animals don’t have to always be negatively effected though.  I have also seen an article that offers a possible solution.  This would be building the solar structures along roads as a barrier that would keep animals from being on the roads.  This could actually save animals lives, as well as people’s lives too!

    Hope this helps!

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