What kindle can hold the most books?



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    Every version of the Kindle has the capacity to store 3,500 books. The amount of gigabytes varies between each version, though. The Kindle 3 and Kindle DX have almost the same number of gigabytes: 4GB(internal)/3GB(for user content) for the Kindle 3 and 4GB/3.3GB for the Kindle DX. In comparison, the Kindle 2 had a storage capacity of 2.5GB/1.4GB, and the original Kindle had only 256MB/180MB.

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    The Kindle 1 could hold about 200 non-illustrated books. The Kindle 2 could hold about 1500, and the Kindle 3 (the latest version) can hold around 3,500 titles with its 4GB of memory, making it by far the version with the most capacity.

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