What kind of wind turbine is the most cost effective?



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    The helix, is what I think.  It does not create the most energy, but it is smaller (People even have these things on their houses and garages)  And because of the design it doesn’t have the issue of killing birds (as you probably know people who are against alternative energy keep bringing up the bird issue over and over again) 

    So yeah, it’s smaller, not ugly, and safe for animals.  I believe that this is the most effective because it has the power to catch on globally.  And obviously since they are smaller, they clearly come cheaper others! 


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    On the large scale Norway is developing what they call the world’s most powerful wind turbine. On turbine will produce 10 MW that is around 3 times more powerful than ordinary wind turbines. This one alone will provide power for 2000 homes in Norway. It will cost around €50 million. 

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