What kind of waste do coal plants produce?



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    Factory related pollution, and this definitely includes the pollution caused by coal plants, is the number one source of pollution in the United States. Factory pollution accounts for more than half the volume of all water pollution, as well as for the most deadly of pollutants. More than 365,000 manufacturing factories consume vast quantities of fresh water to carry away wastes of several different types.

    Factory pollutants include water pollutants, (commonly including phosphates, asbestos, mercury, nitrates, grit, caustic soda and other sodium compounds, sulfuric acid, sulfur, oils and petrochemicals), solid waste pollutants (including gypsum, metals, cement, abrasives and poisonous solvents, components in adhesives, plastic wrap and various lubricants), and also air pollutants (including carbon monoxide, sulfur oxides, chlorofluorocarbons, hydrocarbon gases and nitrogen oxides).

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