What kind of washing machines should I have in an eco friendly Laundromat?



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    I have attached to links to help you out: the first is for an interesting looking washing machine that is both economical, and energy efficient; the second is a Q&A with a guy named Jason Wentworth who owns a sustainable laundromat in Portland, ME.  In this Q&A, he discusses some of his methods for making his laundromat so environmentally friendly.

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    The Beko washing machine only takes 14 minutes to wash a load (making it energy efficient, and great for a customer), and it also calculates and adjusts the amount of water needed per load. It looks like it may only be available in the UK right now, but they are seeking to bring it to the US, too.

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    I don’t know anything about running a laundromat, but attached is a list of eco-friendly washing machines from Low Impact Living. Hopefully within those options, there’s one that has the economical characteristics you need to match its environmental efficiency!

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