What kind of vegetable has the least likelihood of being sprayed with pesticides?



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    According to the Environmental Working Group, onions have the lowest pesticide load. This website has a list of the twenty fruits and vegetables with the lowest amount of pesticides as well as a list with the highest amount.  

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    Onions are considered the vegetable lowest in pesticides. Other low-pesticide vegetables include: asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, corn, and peas. On the other hand, vegetables with the highest pesticides include: lettuce, bell peppers, celery, and spinach. Buying organic vegetables should limit exposure to pesticides. Yet, it’s worth noting that eating vegetables with pesticides is healthier than eating no vegetables at all.

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    Yes, in addition to kristennoelle’s answer, What is referred to as the “clean fifteen” are the 15 fruits and vegetables that have the lowest content of pesticides.  This group of “clean” produce, the EWG suggests, are less likely to pass on pesticide residue if an organic option is not available (onions making the top of that list).  The items to avoid are the “Dirty Dozen”–produce in which the organic option is much safer.

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