What kind of toys can be made from recycled materials?



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    Several different toys that can be made from recycled material include bean bags made from fabric scraps, beans, and felt; puppets and puppet sets made from fabric scraps and cardboard; play stove and/or other items made from discarded furniture; and a felt board play-set made with felt, fabric scraps, etc. 

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    There is a California based toy company called Green Toys that uses recycled milk jugs as the “main ingredient” in their toys. I can’t find an actual percentage on their site of just how much of each toy is made from recycled material. They have toys cars and trucks, blocks, dish sets, play food, plastic tools, and other basic toys.

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    It all depends on your imagination! In the town where I went to high school, there is an annual recycled art contest in which people can win small prizes and be featured in a calendar. In the city where I live now, there is a place where you can donate recyclable material and kids get to play with it to make cool things. If you can find something like this in your locality, I highly recommend getting involved in it… or starting your own program!

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