What kind of special treatment do species on the endangered species list get?



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    The habitats of species that are on the endangered list are protected–often land that is home to an endangered species cannot be built upon. There are also restrictions on pesticides if deemed dangerous to the livelyhoood of the endanged species. Unsurprisingy, it’s illegal to hunt or otherwise harm animlas on the list and are heavy penalities to those who break the laws. 

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    The United States has the Endangered Species Act which sets out policies regarding endangered species, such as prohibiting essentially all forms of commerce involving endangered or threatened species. Any federal agency must consult with either theUS Fish and Wildlife Service or NOAA Fisheries Service to ensure that their actions are authorized and do not harm endangered species.

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    I don’t know if I would really call it “special treatment” since there is really nothing very special about being located on the endangered species list but I know that special protective measures go into helping a species get back on its feet after its population has been decreased by an invasive situation. There are also measures to protect certain species from being hunted and further disturbed by humans.

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