What kind of soda is the worse for your body?



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    Well, there are no sodas that are really good for you, per se. Especially since most are made with high-fructose corn-syrup, a ubiquitous additive that is facing a lot of current criticism. However, the more acidic a soda is for you, the worse it is for your teeth. Dr Pepper, with a pH of 2.92 (battery acid is pH 1!) is very bad for you. The most unhealthy soda, though, is Sunkist, with 85 (!) grams of sugar in one 20-oz bottle.

    Try mixing some 100% fruit juice with some plain seltzer if you really want the fizziness of soda, without sacrificing your health!

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    Again, while no sodas are good for you, there are some that are worse.  While darker sodas are generally worse for you because of the additional additives and colors, Mountain Dew is one of the worst for your teeth.  Over time, it wears away at your enamel, causing your teeth to erode.  

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    It depends on which ingredients or body parts you are concerned with. Brown sodas contain carmel coloring and diet sodas contain artificial sweeteners, both of which have been shown to contain carcinogens. Some sodas like Mountain Dew contain high levels of sugar, and all sodas contain acids, which are both very bad for your teeth. Also, the regular consumption of any caffienated sodas can over time have a very bad effect on your kidneys and urinary tract.

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