What kind of sharks are the most aggressive towards humans?



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    The three most aggressive kinds of sharks are the great white, tiger and bull sharks. Their high population, size and position at the top of the undersea food chain come together to generate this aggression.

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    Hungry sharks. They don’t start attacking humans unless they’re really, really hungry.
    Great white, tiger and bull sharks are the most aggressive sharks in the world.

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    There are only about 12 out of 375 species are shark that are even considered very dangerous. Of those, the three species of shark that have attacked the most humans are the great white, tiger shark, and bull shark. However, that in no way means they are particularly aggressive towards humans. On average, there are only about 50-70 shark attacks each year with as few as 5-15 deaths worldwide. Comparatively, more than 41 people die from lightening yearly in just the coastal United States alone. Needless to say, shark attacks are mostly hyped up, and not always portrayed accurately. Like most wild animals, sharks will attack when they feel provoked or threatened, by humans or anything else.

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