What kind of schooling do I need to be a green consultant?



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    There are a few common degrees that are associated with green collar jobs. It really depends on what kind of consulting you want to do. Environmental studies and sciences degrees can be helpful. An engineering degree would be great for a green building consultant. There are also various kinds of environmental policy and management degrees that deal especially with how to relate eco-policy to people, and environment-based law degrees could get you a job as an environmental lawyer and law consultant. General sciences degrees can be helpful as well.

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    According to Style Career, you don’t always need a college degree. However, depending on what area you want to specialize in it may be essential. Salary can range from $20,000 to $40,000 a year. Keep in mind self-knowledge and experience can help you move further in that career than a piece of paper no doubt.

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    Don’t forget about business knowledge.  If you want to be a consultant, you’ll be running your own business.

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    From my own experience in college, I would recommend a science degree (preferably Environmental Science or Geology), partnered with a Business degree.  It’s also possible to major in Architecture or Interior Design and have an enviro science minor and be a green consultant.  It really depends on where your interests lie.  I would highly recommend pursuing a Business degree because whatever field you choose, you will have to be dealing with a corporate environment.  

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    I agree that combining an environmental science degree with some business, finance or law background would make you a strong green consultant. Being a consultant requires a lot of up to date and diverse range of knowledge, so studying multiple subjects is good. Don’t forget experience, experience, experience! You need to build a good reputation to be a consultant. 

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