what kind of renewable energy is used the most in the world?



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    This is surprising (I was surprised to find out at least that): Solar and Wind are not actually the biggest contributors of renewable energy to our uses. It’s actually bio-mass and hydro-electric which rake in the most amount of electricity from a renewable source. Of the total world-wide energy use, about 18% can be accounted for from renewable sources. 13% of this comes from bio-mass and 3% comes from hydro-electric power plants. Check out the graphs on the links for verification of wiki’s results (I like this kid’s link but the one below has basically the same information: http://tonto.eia.doe.gov/kids/energy.cfm?page=renewable_home-basics )

    Note that only 7 percent of energy comes from renewable sources in the USA, whereas in the global economy it accounts for 18 percent of the total. This means we are behind—but with the new investments we are making in infrastructure there will certainly be closer to 18% of Our Energy in America coming from Sustainable Sources soon! Maybe even more—I’d like to see the US bringing UP the global figures, not dragging them down!

    Also Note: they are measuring this in BTU’s so when they say bio-mass and they are referring to wood being burned this could mean just people making fire’s to heat their homes, and not usable electrical current.

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