What kind of re-usable water bottles are the best for the environment?



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    Any re-usable water bottle is better for the environment than one that gets thrown away! or has to be immediately recycled (which takes a good amount energy)… I did a little research and found a cool article about 32 of the best from Goodhousekeeping. The second one on the list is a CamelBak sport bottle which is made without using BPA (Bisphenol-A, a chemical that studies have shown can be harmful to humans [it didn’t necessarily say anything about the environment, but surely WE are a part of the Environment] PS. I’m not so inform that I didn’t have to look that up) NalGene also claims to be phasing out the use of BPA in their products—they use aluminum. This seems like it might be better, because aluminum is cheap and light… it takes heat to form and energy to mine, but we have so much of it (it’s the most abundant metal in earth’s crust, I believe)… compare this to the oil it takes to manufacture plastic and the fact that most never biodegrade and disrupt eco-systems when mis-properly disposed—Aluminum might be the way to go???? Perhaps clay or ceramic would be the ultimate way to go here, but they would suffer in durability and functionality.

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