What kind of plant grows the fastest?



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    Bamboo is considered one of the fastest growing plants in terms of height. According to statistics, bamboo can apparently grow up to 3 to 4 feet in height in one day.

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    Bamboo is the fastest growing plant as far as height is concerned.  The link below shows pictures of bamboo growing 2 feet in 3 days!  If you want to know the total weight per individual within a year, the General Sherman is the fastest growing.  Finally, as far as fruit mass goes, hybrid giant pumpkins can put on pounds in a day!

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    Arabadopsis is one of the fastest growing plants and is often used in research for this purpose.  Doing experiments on the genes of this plant allows researchers to get results faster.  Bamboo also grows quite quickly, it can range from a few inches to a few feet in one day.

    However, if you are not looking to do research on plants, some flowers that grow quickly are the snap dragon, marigold, sunflowers and calendula.  Fast growing vegetables include arugula, lettuce, mustard greens and the turnip. For more trees, shrubs and plants that grow quickly, see the citation below.

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