What kind of plant causes the most allergies?



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    One of the most common plant allergy is often called “Hay Fever.” Hay fever is caused when tons of plant pollen is in the air and breathed into the human mouth or nose. So, the worst kinds of plants are plants that produce and release large amounts of pollen in the air in order to reproduce.

    Plants like ragweed seem obvious and sound like a plant that would be abundant and cause problems. Less obviously, even large trees like, oak trees, elm trees and maple trees all release tons of pollen into the air, often causing problems for people with hay fever.

    People can also be allergic to certain plants if they’re consumed, such as strawberries, or certain nuts.

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    Ragweed, found in the Midwest and the Mississippi Basin, is located in fields, near riverbanks, in rural areas, and alongside roads. Ragweed is thse most common allegy causing plant in the Midwest and Mississippi area, and less common in New England and the West coast. Mountain ceder is another plant is known to cause severe allergy sympotons and is found in Arkansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas in the spring time. Ryegrass is found in the northern United States in spring and summer. Maple in spring is worse in the Eastern USA and Canada. Elm is bad for allergies in the spring and fall depending on the variety, but is found in both the Eastern US and the Midwest. Check out the link below to see more locations and types of pollen producing plants.  

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