What kind of plankton cause the water to glow?



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    Certain types of creatures on both land and sea have the ability of bioluminescence or  a natural glow. This is the result of a light producing chemical reaction also called chemiluminesence. When certain chemicals mix together, they become “excited” and produces energy which sometimes emits light. A wide range of plankton have this ability. Each ocean has glowing plankton in some capacity. Dinoflagellates are the most common glowing plankton and are also called fire plants. 

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    Bioluminescence causes plankton to glow. There are other animals that exhibit bioluminescence, including mushrooms, jellyfish, lantern fish, shrimp, and others. Chemicals that make plankton glow are called luciferins. Plankton use bioluminesence to escape predators by confusing them. Other organisms use it to hunt prey, detect predators, communicate with each other, attract mates, and escape predators. 

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