what kind of paper can be recycled?



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    According to the Environmental Protection Agency, there are five main categories of recyclable paper products. Corrugated cardboard and newspaper are two of these. High-grade de-inked paper is a third; this category includes envelopes, letterhead and copier paper. A fourth type, pulp substitutes, consists of high-grade paper in the form of remains from printing and paper industries. The fifth category, mixed paper, includes various types such as junk mail, magazines and telephone books; shredded paper is often added to this category. Some recycling centers may accept all types, while others only take one or two of the categories. Collected paper is treated to remove staples and other materials, and the de-contaminated product is transferred to a paper mill to begin processes involving withdrawal of fiber, creation of pulp, extraction of water, and the incorporation of color and additives to create ready-to-use paper.

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    chelseyzellita mentioned that some recycling centers may accept all types of paper while others will only accept a few types. This is a very important thing to know when you are putting paper in a curbside recycling bin. You should check with your local waste management company to find out exactly what they will accept and what they will reject. My city created a very clear and concise pamphlet about recycling that they mail to residents annually and publish online. You may want to check to see if your city has a similar publication.

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