What kind of palm tree produces the largest coconuts?



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    That would be the Coco-de-Mer.  It produces the largest seeds known on any plant which weigh around 20kg (about 44lbs), and take approximately 7 years to fully mature.

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    The Coco de Mer is the sole member of the genus Lodoicea and is plant endemic to the islands of Praslin and Cureuse in the Seychelles. These trees grow to be 25-34 meters tall and their leaves are fan shaped. They have separate male and female plants and the male flowers are catkin like, up to a meter long. The mature fruit is 40-50 centimeters in diameter and weights up to 30 kilograms, and contains the largest seed in the plant kingdom. The fruit is often referred to the sea coconut or the double coconut. 

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